Today’s Most Popular Diets : How Science Explains Them

Behind those thousands, or perhaps millions of diets are an even bigger number of people who delight in every plate-full of them. They might have been deep-fried, frozen, grilled, boiled or undergone a form of cooking, but to the health-savvy faithful, they can either be safe or not. And, with most of the present-day research on food focusing on uncovering the tasty, safe and healthy varieties that promote good health only, which ones aren’t worth eating?

Scientists have discovered that there are some quintessential diets which aren’t just cheaply available around us, but also help a great deal in losing weight. Of course, these foods are far much better when compared to the overly priced, processed dishes. And, they aren’t just good for leading a healthy lifestyle.

What science says about the most popular foods of the recent times

  1. South Beach

Here comes a three-phase program created by a cardiologist called Arthur Agatston. The idea beneath this diet is to consume fruits, veggies, lean protein and grains while avoiding white starches and sugars in totality. Of course, during the three phases, the whole foods under the aforementioned categories cover the greater part. You might encounter some unpleasant experiences after a few days, though.


  1. Weight Watchers

Much like the name suggests, Weight Watchers is a diet that belongs to individuals who prefer to take account of whatever calories that gets into their gut. Basically, you must set some points daily based on your weight, gender, age, occupation and the total pounds you would wish to lose. Thereafter, the journey starts as you only ingest Weight Watcher branded foods that include anything within your limits. Just to put it into perspective, the diet type overwhelmingly gives the desired result.


  1. Vegetarian

We’re all aware of this kind of diet, but as much as it is widely practiced today, meat and fish remain No-No. Scientifically speaking, this type of diet style also conserves the environment and those who follow it also tend to be intelligent. Sure, benefits can be considerable, but you have to ensure that you get all the nutrients required by the body.


  1. Mediterranean

Though it is all about sticking to whole foods, fruits, greens, nuts and olive oil, Mediterranean is arguably the most popular diet that advocates for drinking wine for good health. You will only need plant-based, fiber-rich foods, nuts, fish and some red wine. The main inspiration behind this Mediterranean diet is the revelation that Italians of the 1950s suffered nearly zero cases of today’s lifestyle diseases.


Low-carb: Atkins, Zone and Ketogenic as well as Dash, Paleo and any food that’s both Low-fat and Gluten-free are all worth trying out. But as you unleash the adventurer in you, ensure to try one at a time.

Remember, all these and much more aren’t just healthy, but equally perfect if you are to shed some pounds.


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