Bell fat

The best foods to blast belly fat

Fact, we all have belly fat. However, there are always meals that can be incorporated into a diet to increase your potential to lose belly fat...


How to save money on food shopping

Life in the contemporary world has become increasingly expensive. Nowadays, the cost of living has skyrocketed, which means that you are probably...


The Best Places To Visit In 2017

Are you a tourist, an ardent adventure junkie or just a weekend warrior? Regardless of whom you are, one thing is for sure: travel grants you a...


What Organic Really Means

Indeed organic produce including organic dairy seemingly earn all the plaudits nowadays. They are increasingly becoming popular and equally revered...


5 Core Steps To Mental Wellness

Did you know that your psychological wellness impacts how you think, feel and behave as part of your mood, happiness, and resilience in life? Your...



Scientists have long been working to bring on board commercial products to facilitate the astronauts who are currently working on the international...


HTC 11 : Everything You Need to know

HTC 10 was launched in 2016 and now people are waiting for HTC 11. The expectations from the smart phone are much higher as competitors like Samsung...


SCANBOX : A Portable Scanner

Document scanning is a frequently done job in offices and educational institutes. Due the traditional scanning machines, scanning is considered a bit...


Prenups: To Sign or Not to Sign?

Shouldn’t saying “I do” be enough? For more and more marrying couples these days, before they take a walk down the aisle forevermore, they’re...

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